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Ifrah Ghayas


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"Ifrah Ghayas is a hard-working student with an intense desire to over-achieve. She is a voracious reader, with interests in genres ranging from fantasy to core realism . The roles of leadership she executed at various stages of her life, has firmly confirmed her belief that there is no substitute for working hard and taking ownership. Apart from that, you can either find her engrossed in writing poems or doing what she truly enjoys, i.e. making something artsy or the other. Ifrah strongly believes in the exchange of ideas and has been an active member of her college societies, being a role model to her juniors as well as a leader to her co workers. She is a young adult looking out for real-world growth opportunities, especially hailing from the small town of Jamshedpur where experiences are hard- earned and traditional education is valued. She longs for a life of meaning and change, aiming for a career that satisfies her social responsibility towards her people and herself. She believes in the importance of listening and is a keen listener and observer, which makes her attractive to the one's who feels the need to be heard. Focused on empowerment and acquiring knowledge, she aspires to encourage every individual she encounters in finding their true potential. With her care and comfort, she has always been the true companion to her acquaintances; this richness of experience has nurtured the power of creativity, compassion, and intellectual integrity within her.

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