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Dr Shagufa Khan


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"Dr Shagufa Khan is a dedicated public health professional with a passionate commitment to making a positive impact. Born and raised in the city of Mumbai, Shagufa is the youngest among her four siblings. She holds a Master's degree in Public Health from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai.

Currently, Shagufa serves as a District Consultant with UNICEF in Assam, where she is actively involved in vital public health initiatives. Her work focuses on improving the lives of underserved communities in the region.

Shagufa's personality is a mix of being reserved yet friendly. She has developed a deep affection for visiting places with natural beauty. In her free time, She indulges herself in watching a diverse range of self-development and creative Art YouTube videos. She is on the journey of self-development, constantly seeking to better herself both personally and professionally.

A strong family bond is at the core of Shagufa's life. She loves to spend time with her mother, indulging in heartfelt conversations while sipping a warm cup of tea together.

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