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Arisha Meraj


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Arisha Meraj is an undergraduate student from New Delhi, originally belonging to an evergreen village of Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Pursuing a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Kamala Nehru College, her evergreen board of interest includes reading novels, and academic texts, participating in oratory activities and public speaking. She is ardent about writing and has a knack for poetry. She firmly believes in viewing life through the lens of optimism, hope, and progressiveness. As a part of her belief, writing is the only medium to get into action without any predicament from others. Social work and providing services at the grass route level entice her to a great extent. Inspiration can poach the mind from even the slightest of acts, following this, her nods of motivation lie in her family and house. Isolation in the serene environment of a library surrounded by books and taking solitary walks with an essence of understanding the nomenclature of life is always a ready-to-go for her.

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