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Aiman Fatima


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Aiman Fatima is a resident of Patna, Bihar. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Magadh Mahila College. Earlier, she completed her graduation in Psychology from Patna Women’s College. Currently, she works at Aashray Abhiyaan as a Citizenship Trainer, where she motivates young women through various awareness programs and workshops to dream for a better future. She invites women leaders and industry experts to her workshops to inspire girls and young women. Previously, she played various roles in development sector organizations and worked on different societal issues. She worked with a bunch of lawyers in her previous organization where they provide legal support to the downtrodden, economically and socially backward people. She prepared the Case reports of the Survivors, conducted various recreational activities as well as provided psychological counseling under the guidance of a psychologist to the Survivors. Her work engagement with stakeholders and partner organizations has strengthened the cordial relationship with their organization.

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