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Umamah Faiz Ansari


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Umamah Ansari is a digital marketing freelancer and has completed her Bachelor's in Management Studies. She truly believes that every person is gifted with unique skills and talents, which should be explored and utilized for the betterment of this world. She emphasizes finding the true purpose of life and living by that.

At the age of 19, Umamah started her own venture on Instagram, Oh!My Canvas, showcasing the artist within her. She has been a leader in the community assisting peers and younger students to overcome challenges faced in daily life. She constantly strives to strike a balance between deen and dunya, and through her strong leadership skills influence others to do so. She has been actively involved in community work related to the welfare of Muslim Youth.

"Don't let a single day go without gratitude, learning, and creating," is the motto she lives by.

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