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Rizowana Hussaini


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Rizowana Hussaini is a research scholar, poet and writer based in Guwahati. Currently a PhD Candidate in English Literature, Rizowana formulates and seeks out questions of identity, representation, and feminist interpretations of such narratives. Rizowana's work aims to interrogate the gendered and sexual modes of resistance, particularly by Muslim women. As a writer, Rizowana has been published in Vayavya, The Bastion, The Blahck Sheep, North East Social Research Centre and even finds a mention in The New York Times. An ardent admirer of nature, she revels in getting lost with her camera in pretty locations and pets any animal that lets her. As a Teach For India alumna, she still babies her students and continues to mentor them as they progress to higher studies. In her downtime, she runs a bookstagram account with the hopes of one day opening her own library-cum-cafe.

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