Ruha Shadab

CEO & Founder

Ruha Shadab is a doctor and a graduate from the Harvard Kennedy School where she was on a full-tuition scholarship as a Harvard Public Service Fellow. Shadab has worked as a doctor in low-income neighborhoods in Delhi and later moved on to work on systemic issues of healthcare, as a part of the Government of India. Having been raised in a Muslim household, she experienced, first-hand, the stereotypes and the difficulties faced by Muslims in India. However, what struck her most was the dearth of Muslim leaders in the country. Limited leadership and poor representation mean that the ambitions of young Muslim women are stunted, and the community is unable to break the historical shackles of disempowerment. Shadab is the Founder of Led By Foundation, a social enterprise that provides professional training and mentorship to Muslim women college students, to inspire the next generation of female change-makers. She believes that for a community to be heard, it first needs to speak up.