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Azba Rehman

Senior Associate - Social Media & Engagement

Azba Rehman finished her Bachelor of Business Administration from Jamia Millia Islamia in 2021. Focused on her academics as well as personality development, she has been an Achiever and the school Head Girl. At 22, she has considerable exposure and more than two year’s experience in domains like Social Media Marketing, Content Creation and Engagement Strategy. Being from a conservative society, she is breaking stereotypes by passionately working towards a vision and establishing a benchmark in society. From an early age, she is manifesting leadership qualities as well as analytical aspects like critical thinking in a corporate environment. Having significant experiences in sales and marketing, relationship management, and R&D, she is radiating a positive impact at a young age. She believes in cantilever empowerment in young women and pine for the quote that “to prove that if you want to see the change in the society, then you’ve to be the first string of that change.”

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