Shaheena Attarwala

  • Shaheena Attarwala is currently heading design at a mobility startup Zoomcar: India’s first self-drive platform. Born to a conservative and illiterate family in a village in Uttar Pradesh, and raised in the slums of Mumbai, Shaheena resisted an early marriage and pursued education fearlessly against her father’s will. Her curiosity to learn and a focus to design a different life for herself paved the path for her subsequent achievements. Her journey has inspired more girls in her slum and village to pursue education and has influenced change among parents to allow their girl child to dream and study. Apart from making the digital world a better place, she also endeavors to reshape the lives of the less fortunate by blending design, technology, and legal skills. Over the years, her initiatives to create a positive impact has received recognition from the United Nations.

Image by Julian Hochgesang

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