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Nasiha Abid


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Nasiha Abid is a dedicated professional with a diverse background in operations and fashion management. With over two years of experience in operations at House of Arts, a Jaipur-based manufacturing company specializing in marbles and home decor, she honed her skills in managing intricate processes. Moreover, her pursuit of knowledge led her to complete a PG diploma in Fashion and Luxury Management from FAD International, Dubai. With a demonstrated history of working in arts and crafts, Nasiha excels as an Experienced Assistant. Passionate about creativity, she explores photography and food tasting in her spare time. Nasiha's career journey includes internships at A-listed fashion brands and backstage roles at Middle East Fashion Week. Currently, she serves as a part-time Social Media Associate at Boujee Media and a full-time Chief Marketing Officer at House of Arts. Driven by a thirst for learning, Nasiha embodies resilience and versatility in her professional endeavours.

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