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Dr. Asmaa Shaikh is a dedicated professional in the field of Onco-occupational therapy. With a fervent commitment to enhancing the lives of cancer patients, she utilizes her expertise to address the challenges they encounter. Dr. Shaikh Completed her Bachelor's degree from D.Y Patil University and her fellowship from Tata Memorial Hospital. At present she is employed at an NGO named Indian Cancer Society With a compassionate demeanor and unwavering determination, her strengths include creativity, imagination, and sensitivity to uplift others and spread compassion. She is a diligent and meticulous worker who believes in doing the right thing, always keeping integrity at the forefront. Through her clinical practice, research endeavors, and advocacy efforts, she strives to advance the field of Onco-occupational therapy, offering hope and empowerment to those navigating the complexities of cancer treatment.

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